Galant Platinum Plywood


Galant Platinum Plywood is the most premium BWP grade plywood sheets from the house of the Galant's best quality plywood.

Galant Industries proudly introduces Galant Platinum plywood, which signifies a high-quality product adhering to stringent standards, showcasing excellent resistance to prolonged water exposure. Our Galant Platinum plywood is your go-to choice for all-weather performance, exceptional boil-proof properties, and unparalleled panel protection against humidity and moisture. It proudly boasts the 710 BIS certification, ensuring its warp-resistant qualities in both dry and wet conditions. Meticulously crafted using premium melamine and phenolic glue, Galant Platinum plywood excels in enduring extended exposure to boiling water, making it an exceptionally durable and dependable option for a wide range of applications.

Weather Resistant and Durable

Manufactured with core veneers bonded with enriched resin, pressed under high pressure & controlled temperature, balanced construction makes the desired ply.

Water Resistant

Boiling Waterproof plywood has the highest resistance to water and is considered to be completely waterproof. BWP plywood can withstand the vagaries of weather and can be exposed to fluctuating weather conditions without the fear of delamination.

Borer Resistant

Each core veneer layer of Galant Platinum plywood is treated with combination of various toxicant chemicals by technology to make the ply resistant to Borer & other micro-organisms.

Superior Screw or Nail Holding Capacity

Galant Platinum plywood is manufactured from 100% dryer dried hard core veneers which gives ply the superior nail or screw holding capacity.

Galant Platinum Plywood is Weather Resistant and Durable Water Resistant Borer Resistant Super Smooth Surface

BWP Marine Grade Plywood in the following criteria:

Thickness (In mm)

4, 6, 9, 12, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28

Size (In feet)

6×3, 6×4, 7×3, 7×4, 8×3, 8×4

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